G.C.F is a professional manufacturer for engine parts in Taiwan. We are mainly expert on Komatsu, Isuzu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino's Liners, Pistons, and Liner kit. Especially for Komatsu engine parts, we can supply all kinds of komatsu engine models, like S6D110, S6D125, S6D140,S6D155,S6D170, NT855, NH220. In normal and regular maintenance without people's neglect, our Liner Kit can give you one year warranty. Our liner kit includes 6 liners, 6 pistons, 6 piston pins, 6 cylinders' piston rings ( RIK brand), 6 bushings, clips, liner orings, for example S6D155 liner kit/set( piston: 6127-31-2140)......(more)

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